CopperCAM PCB Milling

I was wondering if anyone has an experience with CopperCAM, either good or bad.

80 Euro equals 90.72 US Dollars so the price isn’t too bad.

Most of us who mill PCBs on a regular basis use as it works extremely well, it updated often with new features and best of all, is FREE. It reads both GERBER and EAGLE files so it pretty much works with everything. 2 sided milling is also easy. Might one to give it a look. A walk through for it can be found here:

I totaly agree with Travelphotog.
I would add that after using eagle for years and tried hard on multisim/ultiroute for schematic and board routing, I opted this new software (to me) DIPTRACE, wich is much more adapted to my needs (x-carve pcbs), simpler, much more natural modern interface, etc. The free version is more generous that eagle’s free version and the full version costs less. Creating custom parts is very easy and straight forward. I could go on and on. Really worth giving it a try as the learning curve is very natural.

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I milled a few boards using Easel and simply vectorizing the pcb PNG, it’s not fool proof, but hey it works for my needs.

The thing looks interersting. FlatCam is great but have some flaws. I think I’ll give CopperCam a try.