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G’day fellas,

So I’ve been grappling the world of x-carve on and off. Now full disclosure, I am no… nooooo expert in the world of DIY… some days I’m lucky I haven’t cut a limb off lately… so either I’m trying to cut myself with some tool, or, trying to injure myself on the tractor, now with that being said, I’m trying to merge the two injury mechanisms into one… I need to replicate a part that is broken on said tractor. So my question is, can anybody idea me on how I can copy a part to the same specifications as the original…

Now the part is 2D, plastic (of course) and I only have access to easel… the trace feature on the easel App Store sucks , either through my lack of ability, or easels. Yes I know easel is crap, but because I spend more time breaking stuff, I can’t afford to buy anything else lol… that and the minister for finance Sin binned me after she found out I bought said X-carve… forgetting the conversion rate from American dollar to Australian… so that will take many months of penance to recover from!

So basically I’m just seeing if there is an easy way to take a photo, snap, paint, trace, or anything else you champions can help me with… now I have thought to try the photo thing, but working out how to scale it back to its intend size is what stumps me… please go easy fellas, I’m just a truck driver at heart, who is playing DIYer in my spare time lol

PS… When I say tractor, here in Australia we call a tractor, a tractor… a truck, is a prime mover… a Ute is a utility vehicle… (to which Americans call their utility vehicle a truck) lol… so when I say tractor, i mean an agricultural piece of equipment!

Many thanx in advance!

Place a ruler in the picture or an object you know the size of and scale it based off of that, just be sure to get a clean picture directly above the object.

Good luck in getting “Out of jail” with the significant other and try not to injur yourself. Sounds like you need to worry more about the significant other!

Easel in not crap I do almost all of my work in it for both the X carve and the Glowforge, easy to learn easy to use.

Its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!

good luck if you get a good clean picture one of will surely help.



For what Easel is trying to be - a one stop shop for those who just want to “do stuff” with minimum knowledge or involvement - its a gem.

For those who want/need to work outside the scope of that may find Easel to be “crap” :slight_smile:

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