Copy/Paste problem with Easel

I’m trying to copy and paste a shape from one Easel file to another. The whole selection doesn’t get pasted and the overall size is different from the original.

Basically I have a diagram resembling a brick wall. I drew this in Easel with individual straight lines for everything. Size is 9.75 x 8.4". When I copy and paste all I get are the horizontal lines and the size changes to 10 x 4.5".

Is this a quirk in Easel or am I overlooking something simple?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks Phil. This did the trick!

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Hi Harry,

The keyboard shortcuts and the menu functions should work the same way. What browser are you using?


Using Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10, Edge browser.

Hi Harry and Phil,

That’s strange, I was unable to replicate this problem. On the Windows computer we use for testing, the copy and paste shortcuts work fine.

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I’m having the same problem but don’t se the answer in this thread. can someone help?