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Copy Workpiece to different project

How about the ability to drag and drop workpieces between projects? I know you can export the workpiece and bring it into a new project but drag and drop would be so much easier, keeping all the settings of course too.
This would help consolidate similar workpieces into similar projects

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You can copy and paste between different projects. Does make some things easier.

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Yes I agree it does, but the settings don’t come along with them, I don’t think

The settings within the design pane do transfer (like depth and cut type and tab locations) when deisgn elements are copied and pasted.

However the cut settings would not transfer as these are project specific. You would need to copy the project first before adding other elements in order for the cut settings to transfer over…

Alternatively, you can use the Workpieces at the bottom of a project to duplicate the workpiece and this is another option as duplicating a workpiece will also transfer over the cut settings.