Corel Draw for projects

Just wanting to get some ideas if anyone uses Corel draw for their project creations.
I new to x-carve and only been using the Easel software to create my projects. I friend has Corel drawl they use for their custom embroidery business, and thinking could get some help and training, but not sure if Corel is compatibility to load to easel or not. Just looking for any help or opinions for a user friendly and low cost software.

Thanks in advance.

corel draw works great to do your artwork/ linework in. then save it and import it into Easel to actually cut out your piece. It has a lot more tools available to draw and edit your artwork.

Yes you can use Corel Draw, just export the file as an SVG and load it into Easel

I use Corel Draw for artwork sometimes. Like folks above said export as SVG, but you have to make sure line thickness is set for “Hair line” otherwise you may have a bunch of cleaning up to do.

Thanks Guys. I will look into it a bit further. I was thinking this is probably best way to go especially if have someone I can go to for help.

What are current versions you guys are running.

MunawarSoomro, are you referring to the Corel draw making the lines hairline?

Also with regards to text and other objects. Any troubles with them not converting over ok, causing alignment issues? I thought recall reading some comments on early posts in the forum related to Corel. Maybe this has been fixed. These were posts over year or so longer I believe

We do everything in Corel from business cards, brochures, to vcarve layouts and easel layouts. We export to either eps, pdf or svg for importing. Far faster layous than in other program in my opinion.

Yes, Corel draw making the lines hair lines.

They must have fixed the alignment issues. Although, I converted text to curves before exporting to SVG though. But I have also used where I just made the shape in Corel Draw exported it into Easel then wrote the text in Easel because I liked their fonts better.

Awesome. I will continue to check into the Corel draw then. Sounds like its a good start. Appreciate the info. Greatly appreciated.

Great. Thank you for the information. What is the current Corel are you currently using. Looking it up, there are many different versions. haha

I was using X7 and called for support and got suckered into 2017 version. If you going to spend money for that, you might look on C Carve Desktop.

get the subscription… $99 a year and you are always current with version.

Using corel draw, will you still need to export the fils SVG to easel to run the x-carve, or is is possible directly from Corel??

Question I mainly have is if using a V bit, I still need to use the V-carve pro in order to do so correct, or with the Corel file override?

Yes, you’ll have to export files to SVG. Then when it comes in Easel it comes in as pocket operation solid black. You just have to drag depth to 0 or change operation to profile to see the lines. Also make sure your lines in Corel Draw are “Hair line”.

V bit is just a bit you using just like any other bit. You just telling the machine in software what bit to use for each line or operation.

I did just like mentioned before, and reconfirmed that again. For some reason one particular shape is giving me fits. It shades parts of it black, and cant seem to adjust it right. Also, the line looks thicker than it should. when ran test run, it seemed to cut it twice. weird