Corian engraving with X-Carve

Hello. I’ve had my X-carve, that I purchased used, for about 2 years now and so far I’m very happy with it. Last December I engraved the police logo for my town’s Volunteers In Police Services group, of which I’m a current member. We didn’t have anything in our desk area to signify our group. Meanwhile the cops had nice placards or water jet cut pieces with the police logo scattered throughout their respective areas.
At the time I engraved this I didn’t think about posting it as I thought it wasn’t a big deal compared to the work I’ve seen on this forum. After viewing a few videos on YouTube, Thank you, Paw Paw, I decided it did show the capabilities of the X-Carve.
I engraved the logo onto a piece of white Corian that I had. The piece 12.5” square. I used a no name 1.2mm carbide end mill that I ordered from Banggood. I reduced the feed rate to 18”/ minute and ran the job with my 611 router dial on 3 with no coolant or air blast. I also had a layer of blue masking tape over the whole plate to allow for spray painting afterwards. The whole job ran for a long, long time without a hitch. The Easel simulator says 19hrs. I just don’t recall that it took that long. I hand painted the two shades of blue by hand. My group liked this plaque and the cops are a bit envious.


Great story and carve. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to my first corian carve.

I picked up about 8 sheets of scrap Corian last month and I am looking forward to trying it. Nicely done!

Very nicely done.
However, you don’t have to do anything special with the speeds and feeds to cut corian.
It cuts like butter. (as you well know)
You also don’t have to use any type of mask for painting as the corian will not wick at the edges.’
I simply paint and when dry sand off the excess. (same as wood)
Again, beautifully done.
Here are a couple that I have done.

Nice work fellas. Where’s the best/cheapest place to get 12" squares of Corian?

Those are very cool, Jan.
I slowed the feed rate down because I was using a tiny cutter from Banggood. I didn’t have much faith in the cutter, but it was handy at the time. I was impatient and didn’t want to wait and order a way more expensive cutter from a known brand. I think I just may have lucked out on this project.
I have always been slowing the feeds down on my machine to avoid stressing it and my big supply of no name bits. That’s just me being cautious. I don’t make pieces to sale so I can slack a bit on production. I did recently run a job with an Amanda cutter and ran that one at the Easel feedrate.
Yeah, I found out later that the Corian doesn’t adsorb the paint. Wet sanding cleans any overspray or painting out of the lines nicely.
Thanks for the nice comments and advice.

Thanks, Drew. I

Thanks, Steve. Here in my area I check out the FREE section of Craigslist for stuff and that’s how I ended up with an old Corian kitchen counter that I have been cuttting up for various projects.

I had some leftover counter top in storage for many years.
I didn’t even know what I would do with it at the time.
I also picked some up at a garage sale.
I’ve been thinking about going to a custom counter top place and see if I can get their scraps.


What grit sandpaper did you use?

I went to a counter top supplier in Myrtle Beach and got a stack of sink cut outs for $20. Going to cut my first piece tomorrow.

Please show off the results.
I use 150 on my DA sander

You’re going to love the way it cuts.

Sanded up to 320 not happy with the finish of the surface just yet

It looks great.
How did you like the way it cuts?

i did a design just like that too.

Jan cuts real nice looking forward to making more projects out of it! I was to aggressive on my final profile cut will slow that down next time.