Corner clamp

Is there a template anywhere for a corner clamp, square piece for the corner of waste board to clamp projects into? I see lots of cam clamps, but nothing for a corner piece.

I think there is one in the project pages. It has been a long while back someone post a file for one.

I’d recommend milling it in place to make sure it’s square to the machine.


Framing square from Home Depot.
Drilled holes in it then indicated it in and locked it down.
As you can see, I can block my work out to where ever I need.

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Sweet setup.

Yeah nice setup! I’d love to hear more about the upgrades you’ve made to your machine.

The bed is ATP 5 Cast fixture plate with all tapped holes on 1" centers.
The Y risers are from Charlie Thomas
The Z axis is from CNC 4 newbies
The dust boot is from Suckit, and a Grizzly dust collector.
Just added a 7 watt laser from J_Tech

I will say that if you use this one, be very careful with the thickness. I did not have mine exactly set and the semi-circle came out, and moved the head. Screwed up the whole thing.