Corner radius button gone

does any one can help me with " corner radius button"
the button is completely gone
if I redo a drawing the radius function is there but I absolutely need it for my latest creation because I could not recreate the same drawing in the same place on the plan

The corner radius will only appear for a rectangle shape brought into the project from the shape tools on the left side.

IF the rectangle gets combined with another shape using Edit>Combine OR was brought into the project by other means like as a SVG or from the pro design library, OR it’s not a rectangle OR another app was used to apply some effect (like offset, or replicator, etc) to the design than there will be no radius option anymore.

If you’d like I can take a look at the project to possibly apply a radius through other means.
To Share the project In Easel go to Project>Share
Then set it to “unlisted” and copy the link shown, then paste that link over here.
HOW TO SHARE your Easel CNC Project with a SHARE LINK - YouTube

like @SethCNC mentioned (the corner radius will only appear for a rectangle) It also works for a square

just remember to unlock the vector

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