Corner Radius Not Working

I’m making a simple square with rounded corners. I only want two of the four corners to have the radius, so I enter the information, all corners are adjusted by design. I go back to edit the other plane and remove the radius, all corners are affected.

It’s my understanding that once I set the radius, all sides match, and then each side can be edited independently after that, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

Safari on Mac

Here’s a short video showing some options to get the radiuses you are looking for…

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Dang, putting me out there with the eye roll at the start!

I did end up doing the copy/combine anyway in the end, so it’s cool to see that’s what you had to do as well to accomplish what I was after.

I got the impression from this support page, which says the X/Y can be adjusted independently, in this case, independent doesn’t seem to mean the same thing to me as to the design crew. Chalk it all up to my lack of understanding, but I know the workaround in the end.

Thank you.

If I did eye roll it wasn’t aimed at you, I’m sure it’s just from running multiple monitors :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they mean the bezier curve applied to the X and Y edges of each radius, but still effecting all corners at the same time. Control points of offset bezier curve - Mathematics Stack Exchange Bezier curves and the math involved can get pretty crazy… (I definitely glossed over the first time I tried to learn it and haven’t managed to absorb much of it…)

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