Corners not square, bit goes past

I’ve tightened up what I think I can. Any help with what might not be adjusted correctly to cause this? Pre nov 2021 xcarve without the stiffening upgrade.

Belts are properly adjusted?
Eccentric nuts too? (These are often overlooked by some users)

Tram could also cause this if that is the plunge/ligt point.

But id focus on belts and Eccentric nuts (all of them) first. .

Thanks. I had adjusted the eccentric nuts. I’ll check the y axis belts since that part is way worse. The x-axis belt was just replaced a week ago.

Do ball screw driven machines have similar issues?

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Ball screw wouldn’t have belt stretch or antibacklash like lead screw machines.

What size bit is being used? Could be not deflection and it cuts more in the corners as feed slows to change directions.
Have you tried running the carve over again before removing project from the machine?

1/4" downcut. I have not but when trying to do production stuff (small batch, like 20 of them) running the whole carve again isn’t a great solution.

Making 6 more of the same thing again today so will get a good test.

Ok, with 1/4" bit, not likely bit deflection. More likely deflection in the machine. I understand that in production a second run is not efficient. However it can help with troubleshooting. I assume you are using Easel for the programming and sending code? In that case a second run is definitely not efficient. Some software’s let you run a second carve just as a profile pass as a finish pass for clean up.