Correct post processor for vcarve to xcarve

Vcarve pro v9 comes with an X-carve post processor (on my install dated 2017). The post processor recommended by inventables is dated 2015. This question has come up before but it appears now that the Inventables post processor is not working properly. I can use the X-carve post processor to generate easel-acceptable g-code, but when I save the same toolpath using the the one on the vcarve product shopping page from inventables, I get this error:

Line 77: G3 X2.0975 Y1.1728 I-0.0706 J-0.0003
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I am working through the v-carve demos and it’s possible that I have followed something in the tutorial that I should not do for an x-carve project.

Easel does not support arc commands.

G3 is an arc command.

Even if you use Easel as just a pass through G-code sender, it throws an error on arc commands.

You can use a post processor that does not generate arc commands if you want to use Easel as your G-code sender.

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Thanks, it surprises me that the older inventables post processor generates g-code that inventables products can’t parse.

Is Easel balking at arc commands because the X-carve can’t handle arc commands?

I was unfamiliar with that option so I’ll have to check it out.

The X-carve can do arcs.

Easel cannot generate arc commands.

In my opinion, it is a bug in Easel that causes an error when you use Easel as a G-code sender. I can’t really think of a valid reason for doing this other than laziness. Since Easel can’t generate arc commands they just error out any arc command.

There are a very large number of post processors floating around. They are just text files (on most products) and you can edit them anyway you want to.

Inventables is not the best at keeping their download files cleaned up.