Correct wiring for X-Controller <--> VFD Spindle Control

Can anyone confirm describe/photographize/diagram out the wiring for on/off and speed control for between the Huanyang VFDs and the X-Controller? I’ve seen hints here and there throughout the forum, but nothing complete and want to make sure I have it right before turning on.


I can once I get home to do the research.
about 4 hours from now.

I have actually posted some info on this before.

Thanks Stephen.

I was just now looking for an older post by you on the topic, but came up short. If easier to just point me to that, great.

I see some other posts saying there are posts on this too, but not sure why I can’t find them.


Here is a well done video and there is a maual!
He also shows you how to program it.

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