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Corrugated Plastic

I have a project that i would like to use corrugated plastic boards. I was wondering if anybody has done this, what settings were used, how did it turn out, or if it is even possible!

I have cut coroplast a few times and it cuts good. I uses the 1/16" fishtail bit that Inventables sells. If you’re using the 4mm coroplast you can cut it in one pass.

thank you!

thank you also, we had same question.

Has anyone tried cutting multiple pieces of 4mm coroplast yet?

Do you mean cutting 4 layers stacked at one time?

yes, has anyone happened to have done this? I have finished building and basic calibration of Makermade M2 CNC machine and hope to use Easel software and Makerverse M2 software to CNC cut the coroplast panels and bulkheads from 4mm standard coroplast sheets for our bike shelters for the homeless program

so in order to cut a stack you would need to hold all of the workpieces in place… and this causes an issue when you cut the top one , it becomes a free floating part. which is not a good thing!
I guess you could kinda perforate the cuts, leaving a full height tab to hold the higher pieces in place… Or even try double sided tape to hold the layers together during the cut…

That would be the biggest issue to overcome when cutting multiple layers like that…

well said thank you!

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we have successfully cut two sheets of 4mm coroplast on our Makermade M2 CNC Router using these settings with 1/4" straight cut bit at high RPM setting on the Dewalt 611 Router…not the cleanest cut but good enough for what we are going