Could somebody help me make this in Circus font?

Hello! I’m still fairly new at all this and want to make the word LOVE in a circus looking font. I’m not sure how to upload new fonts and was wondering(if it’s even done on here) but if anyone had a few minutes to possible make the word LOVE for me? I know Inkscape is out there but right now, it’s all beyond me. I want to make the sign 24” long and maybe 10” tall or what ever is proportional. Maybe? I’d really appreciate it!

Pete (200.6 KB)
LOVE.pdf (200.7 KB)

Looks like you’ve got a response. Let me know if you need a hand…

a great source for fonts is,

Google is your friend. Here is the font you are looking for. Just download it to your computer and use it, no need to make it.


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If you were looking to add fonts direct to Easel, it isn’t something you can do. What you will have to do is get a separate design program, Inkscape is free, draw up your design in that, save as an svg and import to Easel. Inkscape will use the fonts you have installed on your computer.

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