Could we have a file structure for Easel, even a title sort may help.?

I was wondering if we could have a file structure for our projects saved in Easel. Even a File named sort would be good. I would like to export the files so that I can save them on my computer. I see that this has been asked for before but it would help if we can structure our projects even by project group within Easel.

I remember back to the IBM PC days when we had to name our files (in 8 letters or less) so that we were able to find files.

Thanks for the consideration

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lol I am not sure why this is not getting done?

this topic or suggestion has been going on for aaaaaallllllllooooonnnnnggggg time

of course I guess I cant complain I haven’t used easel in 8 months

I guessed that but it is still worth trying I think. I generally design in Fusion 360. This gives me a wide range of options for both the XCarve and 3d Printing. I am finding the two combined is giving me a large amount of flexibility. If only we got an alphabetical sort it would save time for us all. I love my XCarve but its starting to look like a little bit of compromise. You said it, you haven’t used Easel for 8 Months. I would hate to lose our user forum or should i say the people that make it great. I’ll probably try again in 8 months myself. LOL

all good points!

I think for me I have gravitated away from the hobby machines and software and am now using my bigger professional cnc router

I find that I still go between multiple software for different jobs lol but they are all professional softwares with way more options and capabilities

very nice I think that you will enjoy it I am not sure everything that is included in desktop but I have been almost happy with V-carve pro

I am just not sure v-carve pro is worth the 650 and aspire worth the 2000.00

I just wish it had more capibility

yeah most of my complaints are in the way that you design things

it doesn’t make me feel confident that my design is the right size like I can do things in fusion 360

per example if you had to create a board with lots of holes of different sizes and positions it seems hard to do that quickly without a bunch of math

and with the tool paths I wish I had more options

I’m going to bring this topic back around as I just hit 200 projects in my “open existing project” list (that’s twenty clicks to get through them all!). Yes, I do tend to go back to some of the older ones occasionally.

We’ve started using Google Docs for many of our work projects and it is really cool to have the ability to create sub folders.

Still lovin’ the X-carve.

Thanks for listening.

The Product List was quietly updated… today?. No sorting or folders, but the entire project list is available (lazy-loading) without having to click, next, next, next, etc.

File names now are shown in full !

If you scroll to the bottom of your list, you can search the page for keywords. Not exactly what you were asking for, but improvements nonetheless.


I think what @Millerama means is that you can use the browser’s search (i.e., ⌘F / Ctrl+F) and it will find the project if you’ve scrolled far enough for that project to have been loaded. There still isn’t a built-in search yet—let alone hidden at the bottom of the list :slight_smile:!

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My open source 3D printer is in another world. Check out what is available for the purchase price of an X-Carve. Lots of software support etc. and team collaboration. Unfortunately with the X-Carve we are dependant on a very narrow development conduit driven by the $$$$ not by creativity or imagination. I am just a little sorry I went with the upgrade. I should have gone with a Smoothie board controller and spent the rest on software and removed my expensive laptop from the dusty workshop. Its a beautiful machine but so was the Atari. Still Fusion 360 is amazing and there are many other software solutions.

Same issue here. I have a whole docket of past projects which I combine to create new pieces. Having to sort through a years worth of projects is a nightmare every time I create a new variation. Built in search is a start, but a folder system would be optimal.

Quick update—we added a search box above the project list:

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Has this feature been included in Easel PRO $$$ ?