i have searched here, but i can not find what i am looking for. Is there a way to make a countersunk hole? would i just make two different circles? (one larger as the countersunk part and then a smaller one in the middle that is set to cut deeper?

is there an easier way to do this?

thank you

Are you wanting a countersink (conical) or a counter bore (cylindrical)? A counter bore would be pretty easy, just place 2 circles on top of each other, one straight through the other to the depth of the bore you want. Countersinking would be possible, but you would have to change out to a v-bit of the correct angle and do some playing within Easel.

I second what @rusty said about the easiest ways to do what you are wanting, but if you don’t have a 90 degree V-Bit and still want conical sides and you are wanting to use Easel, then you can do it with a graduated set of concentric circles…

Something like this:

Here is the SVG as an example:


thanks guys. that is what i was thinking. just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a “built in” setting or anything.