Couple of projects

This was done with a 60 degree v-bit on select pine. I still need to finish with Helmsman spar urethane since it will be hung outside. It’s approximately 17"L x 9"W.

This is for a co-worker’s kid, so I am not worried about copyright stuff. Obviously, I still need to paint his name and the border, but I like the way this one is turning out. A lot of toothpicks met their demise with the painting of this one. It is 16"L x 6"W.

I threw this together real quick for Mother’s Day. It’s 20" in diamter and is cut from birch plywood. It still needs a stain. I have always been fond of the dark walnut stain, so I will more than likely go that route.


I also should add that the bottom one was done without Easel Pro, but the first 2 were done with Easel Pro. If this needs to be moved to the Projects section, that is fine with me.

All of your projects came out very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice job, I like the texture on the first sign. I’d like to make the heart tree, nice. I’ve found Minwax Espresso to be a nice balance of dark stain, something to consider.


Thank you. The heart tree was an image I found on Google. It’s been a while since I found it, so I can’t remember exactly what I searched for. I’ll look at the espresso and give it a try.

Here are a few pictures of the black sign after the first coat of spar urethane was put on.


How did you make those textures on the fleur-de-lis?

Terrific job on these.

I echo Jeff’s question on the texture.

fleur de lis
I image traced this in Easel Pro and used a 60 degree to carve it. If I had a 30 degree, I might have gone that route. I think I went a little too deep, but overall it turned out nicely.


Holy cow that’s busy!

It’s what the customer sent me. I sent her a picture and she was super happy with it, so that’s all that matters to me.


I remade the Irish Cross which used a similar technique. Not as busy, but turned out great, lest I thought so. Looks hand cut. Gotta love v-bits.


Looks good! What type of stain and finish did you use?

@BrandonTreadway Hahaha, I wanted to give it an ‘older’ look. I started with a torch, burning edges and the holes. Next I covered the whole top with Mini-Wax Expresso stain. Wiped it off of the top. Than sprayed with Stain urethane. I was happy with the result. Hand carved and looked old.

I’m guessing the dark color in the grooves is just stain that could not be removed when wiping. I like the effect of the espresso stain.

Actually I left the dark stain in the groove for the effect. I tried a couple other stains and liked the expresso, I’ve used it a few times now.

Is this wood oak for the cross?

I’m not sure, I milled a tree in my backyard. It looks sort of like a popular, but it’s too hard to be popular.

The stain makes it look like black walnut. Hard to tell from the picture.

Here’s the pre-stain wood picture

And another sample of the same wood

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