Crazy Toolpath / Carve Order

So I’m working on my first large project, and my .svg was uploaded to easel no problem. But, when I go to preview this, it displays some crazy toolpaths. Is there a way to order specific sections to carve in a specific order (Other than making all sections carve “0” depth, and performing multiple carves switching between each section)? I understand it does layer by layer, but there should just be 1 path from ‘dots’ to ‘dots’, that occurs multiple times based on material depth…

See this screenshot below:

2nd question, is that I’m using a detail bit because I’m looking to make sharper corners (1/8 roughing, 1/16 detail). Why is the 1/16th bit even going in this section? Clearly, if the 1/8th can make it in here, the 1/16th isn’t needed (They’re just circles).

My first thought would be layers, but the holes look grouped.

I think the detail bit is going in there because it is used as a finishing pass if a 2 stage cut is used regardless. Try duplicating the work piece (at the bottom of the UI) and separate the holes operation from the box outline operation (where the 2 stage cut is required). Doing that may help with the dots tool paths also.

Op 1 (workpiece one) drill holes only with 1/8 bit.
Op 2 (workpiece two) 2 stage cut on outlines with 1/8 then 1/16 bits.

If that don’t work, as an experiment maybe reproduce the holes in easel by making a row of them and then use the radial array tool to create the circular pattern, see if it is still making crazy tool path? Just in case it is related to the .svg import confusing the software.