Crazy V bit Toolpath

Hi, I have a weird V bit toolpath going on, it should go straight and make a clean V shape but idk why on somepoints it’s stop and come out doing like cutoff idk how to explain it, picture and project is attached, please help me out !
(check the green arrows that points the toolpath randomly created and im lazy to set it right way)

(pictures shows the weird toolpath cutoff)


Hi Joel, this looks like the standard Vcarve toolpath that Carbide Create generates when the depth is set too shallow. Can you confirm where the gcode came from? And possibly attach that project file?


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LOGO V bit 90degrees 1.25 inchs wide.gcode (335.5 KB)
I use Aspire 9.510 Version

thanks again for the help, you are so nice

Joel, the title tells it, you have the tool set to ball nose .25 inch bit in aspire. Your path is generated for that bit, not a Vbit. Maybe change the tool and it will fix.

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Sorry i wasnt more clear, i meant the project file, not the gcode file… that way we can verify the toolpath is setup in aspire properly.

Also one more question, what bit are you using? All of those points are rounded, indicating that either the bit isnt a true V point but rather it has a flat tip… OR it uses inserts and the insert isnt perfectly centered, OR the Z zero setting is not perfect but instead the Z zero is set lower than the acual carve surface (this is common when the board isn surfaced and or the z zero is set at the front left instead of directly atop that area of the carve)…

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that title is because when I import gcode to easel, the easel automatically generate the title with the first gcode name

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I’ll attach that in a moment im not on pc now… yes you’re right my V bit have a little flat tip, I already bought a nice sharp tip now

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