Created in Easel and actual engraving size

Hi there!

Created in Easel element and its actual size on the material is different.
Let me give you an example.
Line=50mm in Easel

On the material=10mm

How can change it to 50mm=50mm?
Could you please help me with that?

Use the search function and search for post on calibration and read all about how to calibrate your machine to move exactly the distance you want it to.

this has been discussed over and over and should have been one of the first things you do when setting up a cnc machine to ensure that you cut exactly what you designed.

Like suggested above, search on “how to calibrate step per mm”

Also, when calibrating it is more convenient to use the jog commands that are available after you press the green Carve button.

Verify that your microstepping is set properly as well.

If it’s an Xcontroller, it’s easy to set the DIP switches wrong so verify those are set properly.

I like to believe that there is no mention of it so that we have a reason to meet new people on this forum.