Creating a carve from an image

I am looking at converting some images to a vector in order to create a carve. I am going to share my techniques here, and would love to hear from the more experienced hive mind here to see what you do.

Here is an image that I have stolen off the internet.

I have also shared my project here:

The first tab is simply importing the image into Easel using Image Trace. I adjusted the Threshold to 73 and Smoothing to 0. As you can see, it is not very good.

The second tab is an svg file that I converted using It’s a lot better, but I’m still not happy with it. There is still far too much detail being lost.

In the third tab I have edited the image in Photoshop using Find Edges, and then imported into Easel using Image Trace. I’m not sure if that is a snowman or Yoda.

In the fourth tab I have used the same image from Photoshop using Find Edges, and converted to an svg.

In the fifth tab I have edited the image in Photoshop using Posterize, and converted to an svg.

I ultimately chose to carve number 4 with a 1/8 30 degree engraving bit at 0.5mm depth on my FoxAlien Masuter 4040. Easel estimated 3-4 hours. After running a simulation, it estimated 6 hours.

I exported the g-code and ran the carve in UGS, which estimated 5.5 hours, and the total carve time was 7 hours.

So I am hoping that by uploading the image and the project link that maybe some of you might like to play with this and tell me what you would do to make it better.



What’s the end goal? Is this a mantel decoration? Wall hanging? Stamp?

My wife has given me some images to carve that she can paint and make look pretty. Sure, think wall hanging or sign type of thing. The end goal or product is not as important as the process of converting an image into a vector for carving.

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