Creating a shape

i have a piece of aluminum i am trying to carve. it is a circle that is 10mm. i need 4 points for 1/4 of the circle. i drew a picture in paint.

its a piece for my cousins train thing he is making. i can get the circle for outside diameter. the hole in the dead center i cannot do because i dont have a 5/64th bit. that fits in the 1/4 inch shank. not a huge issue he can drill that one.

i cant get it to follow the picture for the shape tho. it does the outside circle then it trys to add the 4 points after. but it wont add the 4 points at a size of 1/8th inch with a 1/8th inch bit i choose other bit and shrunk it down and it wont cut. even made the 1/8th inch slots 1/4 inch and they wont carve. would be great if it cut out the shape in one pass instead of cutting the circle to a full depth of 4mm. then trying to drill the 4 holes that are half on and half off the aluminum material. it makes the bit bend badly and afraid of the bit snapping. tolerances are acceptable within a mm or 2. with this cut out he is going to cut the parts to there final shape. to do what he wants.

i can drill the holes afterwards and just do a circle but i need a left and right piece to be mirror images.

i am using easel. the 4 points wont carve on the same pass. it does the 4 points after it does the whole circle depth. is there any way to make easel do the 4 points at the same time as its carving the circle.

for some reason u saying combined reminded me i seen something in easel that did that and i think i got it. gonna go try carving it in some spare pine to see if i got the shape right before i carve the last of my aluminum.