Creating an app


I’ve designed a plant stand that I’d like to make modular with the help of an app vs. doing it with parameters in fusion. How can I get started or what is needed to accomplish this?

Some of the information in this forum seems outdated, which is why I’m asking.

Thank you.

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Thank you, it says it’s on hiatus, so I guess it’s onto fusion 360.

Are you doing this for you or for others to use?
If you are familiar with Fusion, it’s a fairly simple thing to do. I would think it’d be a lot more work to do the same in easel.

I’d be learning the process either way, but I do see more value in me learning fusion than writing an app for easel. I’m trying to find tutorials on parameters, but most of them are high level.

I thought easel would be easier for not having to mess with tool paths each time, just adapt and cut.

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You can always export a DXF to Easel if you want, but the toolpaths is Fusion will update when you update the models parameters (with a click or keyboard shortcut).

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The Parameters function of F360 is pretty awesome, I’ve made a few interlocking part designs that are based off 1/4" thick walnut that I was getting from the cheapest supplier on ebay for a while, but when they shut down for the winter and I had to find a new source for a bit… the material thickness was thicker by just enough to make the parts not fit, luckily I had designed with Parameters and I was able to simply update the driving parameter and it automatically update all of my slot sizes to fit properly.

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Wood from eBay, I never thought of that!

I bet they’re awesome, I just need to dedicate the time to learn them properly so I can use them as such.

Any good links to tutorials or trainings you know of?

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I learned nearly everything I know about F360 from Lars Christensen on YouTube. He’s no longer posting to the channel, but for years was a member of the F360 development team so when he was posting, it was the best source of very accurate information. and although the layout has changed a little since he’s last posted, the information still applies once you locate the right fields for the data…