Creating an outline cut for a rabbit cut

I’ve been surfing the forums for a way to add an outline on some shapes I made in my project using the line tool, i want to do rabbit cut so I can put some plexiglass inlay, is this possible? The outline option doesn’t show up in easel Pro, I was wondering if anybody could shed some light.

Are your vectors closed.
What options is it giving you?

I’m sure a picture will do more justice on the options I am given. The programming just seems alittle more bland from videos and tutorials I have seen using easel pro

Can you share the project and explain where you need the rabbit cut?


Brandon Parker

I need the rabbit cut around all of the pockets (black shapes not the circles though) that I made from lines 1/4” outside of it. The plan is to put plexi in between 2 pieces and sandwich it there if that makes sense. Yes I can share the project give me a minute.

here is the link to the project

If I understand what you are asking you will need to cut each side independently, you will need to create a second work piece for the back. You are going to have to have your machine dialed in perfectly to do it.

Check out the project below. Is this how you envisioned it? This is obviously just a single side though. It also assumes the outlines you have are where you want them, so the rabbit edge goes inward from that.

To do this, do the following.

  1. Pin the outline cut to the location you want it so that it doesn’t move.
  2. Copy the outline, change the copy to pocket at the depth you want the rabbit.
  3. Using the alignment tools, align the newly created piece with the original outline, and then Pin the shape.
  4. Send the newly created piece to the back (or at least behind the outline.
  5. Select the newly created piece, and open the Offsetter (v2) app.
    a. Change the “Distance” to the width you want your rabbit.
    b. Select the “Inwards?” checkbox.
    c. Deselect the “Keep original?” checkbox.
  6. Select Import
  7. Change the depth to Zero.
  8. Using the alignment tools, align this new piece with the others.

You should then have something like what is shown below.


Brandon Parker