Creating curved text

I have a several word phrase that I would like to make in an arch an inch high. I tried using circular text in the apps . When I do it mixes up all the words. Which app or feature of easel can I use to accomplish this.and how do I use it.

Did you try the 'Path Warp" by @EthanKinney to see if it will produce what you are after?

You need to send a text object through the “Xploder” app first and then combine the resulting letter shapes to a single object before sending it through the “Path Warp” app.


You could also just take the individual letter shapes from the “Xploder” app and manually adjust their angles around a temporarily placed circular object to achieve what you want.


Brandon R. Parker

Thank you It took quite a bit of experimenting trial and error to get what I needed but it worked.

Path warp works a lot better than the circular text app, however I prefer to use inkscape for curved text like this…

Hi Randall,

Did you try the “Arch Up” option in the “Text Effects” panel?

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 12.17.00 PM

yes I tried that. But it distorts the text and I can’t modify it to the arch that i need to match my carving

Is inkscape another program or is it in Easel?

Inkscape is a free program and great for designing…just google “inkscape”

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