Crib boards only please

I’ll show mine off again.


Couldn’t resist…
@RobertCanning Nice thread Bob!



Wow, very creative, awesome!


Had some left over cherry to play with so I busted this out.



Note: Easel cannot drill.

Can you elaborate… I understand its a router attached to XCARVE, but can’t you pick the right size bit and get it to plunge/drill the hole?

I am trying to do my first cribbage board and I am struggling with the hole size and getting it to make perfectly round holes.

Any help is appreciated.

Not very well. I tried to make several progressively less deep holes for my cribbage board with a 1/8" ball end mill. About 1/5 of them grabbed some of the walnut its made of and threw a small chunk of wood. I think one of the problems is you have to tell Easel how big of a hole you want, and it has to be bigger than the size of the bit (if it were merely the same size, it might work better).

VCarve has actual drilling profiles, probably using “peck drilling” where it sinks into the material a little bit and then backs out to ensure the cut material is removed from the hole. I’d try that, but I wouldn’t use Easel to make holes in anything harder to cut than say, MDF.

This is a custom cribbage board/veggie platter/M&M’s dish.

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Looks like I’m a little late to the party! :wink:

What a great thread - very handy if you have a project idea and want to see what other people have done.

They are all fantastic! - Such good work!

Here’s mine. Crib with storage and 3D carving.



Are the fine lines laser etched? Did you have the later on the xcarve? I’m interested in upgrading mine to have “frikin’ Lasers”!

I’ve never used Easel for a project, so I can only talk about my tool chain.

Fusion 360 handles drilling very easily. It’s one of the tool path options. For my Crib board, I just put a 3mm drill bit in the spindle and drilled.

In retrospect I should have pecked the holes and taken it much easier.

The heat discolored the drill bit.

I have the Jtech 2.8w laser that I attach to my XC for all my laser work. All of the lines and text were done with the laser.
That’s a kick ■■■ crib board you have there, live the 3D sculpting!

I was asked to donate a cribbage board for an upcoming car show. The car show benefits the Terry Home for young adults with Traumatic brain injuries. I know the founders really well and jumped at the chance to help out.
The V8 logo was an afterthought so the end/finish hole ended up being a little off. Oh well, its still cool


Thanks Bob!

How long did it take to run? @RobertCanning

I might make a Sens one for my Dad…

Love tiered runs Bob!

Just finished up this one for my sis.


Thanks… will definitely try this…

Awesome work! just curious what size are the holes and what bit was used? thanks