Cribbage boards

These are a bunch of cribbage boards I’ve been making lately



I think I got it loaded now…

they look good.

I cut them I go down 5/8" cut it off on the scroll then router edges

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3 more done…






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Can you explain the process in how you make these. Like software…design…finish. That kind of thing.

I use Vcarve desktop for the center section and I use Easel for the rest
the layout for the holes was off of google images I then doctored it up and saved it as my template
I spray a poly satin then sand with 400 grit I usually do this four times
The stain I use is Minwax Gunstock (I like the color)

Gorgeous! Love the circular design. Cribbage is my favorite game by far.

Would you share the SVG files for this? I really like it.

There is actually a circular cribbage board in the Project section of this site … but I just noted that it’s not actually shared. Dang.

I’ve never played on a circular, but I imagine it would work quite well. I have all manner of boards (none I’ve made yet, but soon … sooooooooon) and a good board with a thoughtful design definitely makes the game more enjoyable.

How long did it take for you to make the box one?

I’m guessing V Carve?

I’ve seen a lot of your work and it is really great stuff! I am new to CNC and hopefully can get to a skill level close to yours. I plan on moding mine after a little while but will start with what Inventables sends me.

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