Cross arm not perpendicular

When cutting my last project I noticed that my cross bar is not sitting perpendicular to the side bar guides. It seems to still track the my design fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Is the fix to simply change the belt tensions on both sides to even it out?

Thanks guys

There is a section about squaring the frame, however some have found the gantry bar to not have perfectly square cut ends and this can throw off the cnc from resting at a square position, one might have to take measurements and actually tighten the frame to an out of square position to make up for that issue.

Some people even resort to using some blocks they place in the front, pull the gantry into the blocks and then turn on the cnc, then remove the blocks and then home the machine… this trick only works right when the $1 setting is set to 255 that way the steppers hold the machine locked after the blocks are used, otherwise it will relax back and be out of square again…

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