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Crysis Typhoon Display

I finally finished off the display for my Crysis Typhoon model. I used the X-Carve to cut out the logo and engrave the hexagon pattern.


Nice work!

Loving the hexagon pattern.


Thanks! The hexagon pattern is behind the display leaving a 3/4" gap for the LED strip. I painted it with a reflective chrome paint.

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Epic finish to an amazing project! Where are you displaying these, at Comic-Con? If you had a booth there, you’d make a killing.

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I’m signed up for a booth at Queen City Comicon in Cincinnati on April 16th. Super nervous as this is my first show and I’ve been working hard to crank out some inventory. I have two fears: 1) I won’t sell anything at all. 2) I’ll sell everything too quickly. Either way, I think it will be a good learning experience.


Wow! Maybe you can take sales, then ship after the show so your booth isn’t cleaned out on Friday. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about a lack of sales. I was always challenged with price points. Too cheap and people to perceive value. Too expensive and you end up taking everything home. Keep us up to date on your inventory.


Will do. I’ve set up my inventory so that I have a range of smaller items ($5 - $10) to medium items ($40 - $60) and large items ($90 - $150). And if anyone asks for the Typhoon, I’ll give them the “I don’t want to sell it price”. :wink:

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What about making blank kits from some of your guns that you just cut out and people buy, take home and finish themselves? Hell, I’d buy one…:sunglasses:

I’ve thought about that – just a bag full of pine pieces for you to assemble. I do sell white resin blanks:


Hey @SeanKeplinger,

How’d the show go?

The show went pretty well – I sold some models, handed out a ton of cards, and got a chance to talk to a lot of people (customers and makers). There is another show in September that I’m considering.


I haven’t but it’s definitely doable!

Maybe get working on some Proton Packs for the new Ghost Buster movie.

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Love the vex mythoclast in the top right there huge destiny fan lol


Thanks – those are hand-cut on the scroll saw. Here’s a better pic:


Thanks Phil! I’m in the process of learning 3d carving using Fusion 360.

Part of what I find challenging (fun) is coming up with all of the components that make up the design by myself.

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