Current Bit Size too Large

I used image trace to generate the picture below, and then added the text. No matter how large I scale the picture (which i don’t want to do anyway), there are still sharp points on certain shapes and it gives me the “current bit size too large” error.

  1. Is there a way to smooth out corners that are generating the message?
  2. What happens if you just proceed with carving anyway (I do not have my machine yet)


Clicking “Show Toolpaths” will show you exactly what gets cut, and what will not.
Or export the g-code via the Machine menu and preview it via ChiliPeppr or other g-code viewers.

When using “Fill” Easel will not cut out areas when the bit is too large to fit the area.
You can sometimes work around this by using On Path, but that really is only helpful when using text.

Using bits such as engraving bit can give fine detail.
The bit size is someting like 0.01" or 0.02"
Example: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

So will it still cut shapes that have a sharp corner, and just round off the corner? I am fine with that if it will.

It will still cut the shapes, the corners will just be rounded off to the extent of where the bit can get to. So if the white is the bit and black is the desired shape, only the red area would be cut:

Great, that is fine with me. Thanks for the help guys.