Curving multi word text - has to be a better way

Is there a better way of working with text in Easel?
Single words work (somewhat ok) but you still need to modify letters like i and j as it drops the dots also k and h need to be reconnected, but the real frustration starts when you add multiple words to curve.
There has to be a better way… other then use a secondary program and import it back into Easel.

Are you importing the text or creating it in Easel?
What bit are you using to carve.
60V is the bit most use and suggest for fine detail.

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Hey @GregAtkinson welcome to the forums! What type of bit are you using to engrave? Also do you mind sharing your project File > Share so we can take a look?

When working with text in Easel, I find it easiest to use the “Xploder” app. It allows you to move and adjust the characters individually. So if you have a floating “i” dot, you can increase the size of the dot to fit whatever bit youre trying to use.

Thanks guys… really it has nothing to do with what bit I’m running, it’s right in Easel.
It’s not a very user friendly app, I’m going to curve my text in another software and import it into Easel until I can figure it out… or an update to the app.

Ohhhh, i see now what you are saying now. I thought like the dots on “i” and “j” werent cutting or something despite it being on the cut file.

I recreated this in easel as well. It seems like that app doesnt like the floating dots. It treats it like its own separate letter and moves it to the warped path. I couldnt find a work around other than using caps lock lol.

Seems like it would be best to just use your preferred design software and importing it.