Custom aluminum alternator bracket

I have been reading the forums for several years, and learned much from everyone sharing, so I thought it is about time that I join the conversation…

Here is my latest project, an alternator bracket for my car. Cut in 1/4" aluminum, 1/8" 2 flute spiral bit, finished chamfer with 60deg 1/2" v-bit. Designed in Fusion360, imported to Easel for cutting.

500mm/min for bores, with 2-stage so cut centre waste instead of leaving a piece to jam and break the bit (ask me how I figured that one out…). Remaining pockets and cutout at 1200mm/min, .25mm doc. Took maybe 90min to complete.

Machine is 500mm SO2, upgraded to Xcarve with DW611, upgraded again with new gantry and nema 23s when that came out, upgraded again with x-controller, still need to disassemble to change out x-rail with new single extrusion.

I still need a couple longer bolts and spacers, it looks like it will work perfectly.

oh, and this is the car.

Thanks to everyone for making the inventables community so great.



Could you kindly change that picture to a priust so that I can feel adequate again! Nice car! It should be against the rules to post a picture like that :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and good work with the machining! I’d love to cut some aluminium soon!

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Thanks Kasey, would it make you feel better if i told you that I carved it on my Xcarve? (I’d be lying, but if it helps… however, I did see someone trying to 3d print a whole car bit by bit a while back…)

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Oh I wasn’t upset that it had nothing to do with an xcarve I was upset that it’s a nice car and I’m stuck driving a slow cobalt :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes my buddy actually saw this at the museum last week, first ever 3d printed car.