Custom bits addition and editing

I have been having some technical issues lately. I have added and used custom bits in the pass but lately I am unable to select the new ones I have added to my bits library. I can see it in the library when I go to the adding screen but unable to see it in the drop down on the project creation screen. Is there a change with Inventables “adding Pro custom bits” or am I just overlooking something?

The common issue resulting in a post like this has to do with bits that are only usable in certain portions of Easel.
For Example
Easel only supports Endmills and Vbits for 2D and 2.5D
Easel only supports Endmills for roughing and BALL bits for finishing in 3D (after importing an STL file)

Meaning IF you entered a BALL bit it would be inaccessible for 2D and 2.5D…
does this explain the issue you are experiencing?

That explains a lot. Since I have not run my x-carve for a while in Nov of 2023 I started to catch up on my carving projects… after having to upgrade my program and I always check calabration after any upgrade. I seemed to right on but I cant select the bits I want. so we no longer can control or bit choice? The bits that I choose seem to take a long time to simulate the cut If my computer doesn’t time out and shut the program down. Is there any way I can work around this problem? Thanks

Sure you can select your bits, within the rules i previously mentioned.

As far as the timeout. Is this with 2d/2.5d or wirh 3d?

I have a sign carve that has both 2D and 2.5 or 3D. I understand (from your video Thanks) but when I choose a v-bit for text I get funny estimated times for the carve. ( like 18 to 20 hrs) Still working on it, I am sure it involves me wrapping my old brain around it. Does the program consider text 3D? Thanks Walt

For the Vbit, What bit is being used?
and What is the bit entered as in Easel? Specifically the angle and the “width” data in Easel…
It is VERY Common for the incorrect data to be entered into Easel for Vbits, specifically the Width, since this is not clearly defined what Easel is looking for regarding this spec… The “Width” of a vbit for Easel needs to be the WIDEST part of the cutter, NOT the tip width… entering the wrong spec means many more stepovers at the bottom of a flat bottom Vbit carving, thus EXTENDING the carve time substantially for basically no benefit.

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