Custom bluetooth headphones, signs, toys and more on the X-Carve

This is my first time posting on the Inventables forum, but I thought it might be interesting to share some of my first projects built on my 1000mm X-Carve.

Here’s a set of bluetooth headphones I customized with sapele caps engraved with my logo on the cans.

Made a couple signs for my family (somewhat inside jokes). Stained poplar.

Made a marquee sign for my friend Joy. Precision cut holes for the lights.

Made a sign, cheese board, and donation cup for a house concert series that I organize. Aluminum flashing cut on the X-carve for the sign.

Made a gift card sleeve for my friends getting married. Cut walnut spaced by maple veneer.

Made a children’s game for my friends baby daughter.

Made a custom guitar tag for a guitar I built last year. Mother of pearl inlayed into cocobolo.

Made some dorky star wars coasters for my friend’s b-day.


This is really great stuff! I love your design aesthetic.

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Thanks, man - I really appreciate that! Always a work in progress.

Some very nice projects ! good carving skills and imagination and on top of that good photography :slight_smile:

Really good stuff!!

Thanks for all the kind words!

Thanks, Stan!

That’s some great work Daniel. Do you sell any of these or are they all gifts/favors/labors of love?

Thanks, Mark! Generally, I’ve just been making things as gifts, primarily because I have such little interest in ever making the same thing more than once. I’ve sold a few items just because people asked for them - like the gift card holders. Those take like 30 minutes to design, engrave, cut and finish - so they’re relatively painless.

Daniel, what is your process for making the gift card holders. I have tried a few times and had problems with the thin sides when gluing them up. How do you do it without trouble?

Great stuff, keep up the good work anyway.

Really nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Are the signs (Life is a journey etc) filled with white plastic or is that paint? Looks great.

Thanks! The text on the signs is recessed and painted white.

Lot of great stuff here. I would like to do the coasters. Do you have plans available on the holder part?
What kind of wood did you use? Are those laser etched?

You are super creative. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks! I don’t actually have plans for the holder, because all I did was cut the circular base out on the x-carve, the wings that hold the coasters in I just traced the general shape of the curves onto a board and cut them out with a bandsaw and sanded it to fit. The holder was really an afterthought for me.

The designs were actually engraved on the x-carve then painted black/sanded and clear coated. If you have a laser - that would probably work even better, but I used what I had.

Muy Bonito!!!, nice jobs.


Very nice work! Many thanks for sharing.

@DanielWahlig your stuff looks great! I would love to make a set of the those Star Wars coasters, any chance you would share your files?

Hi Daniel,
Great designs, beautifully executed. I just ordered a 1000mm X-Carve and looking at things like this just makes me more anxious than ever for it to arrive. Can’t wait to start using it although I realize I have a very long learning curve in front of me before I will accomplish anything as nice as you’ve done. The only experience I have with CNC is the reading I have done on this forum so thank you for sharing your work. It’s very inspiring!!