Custom brass branding iron milling

Milled out a brass branding iron for a friend. Took around 2 hours to mill at 12in in/min dpp…003 and with a 1/8 endmills. First time milling brass on a stock machine. Upgraded my x axis and going to be bracing soon.


your hands look like Phil’s :joy:

That is one huge branding iron… what’s he branding… people? I dig it.


Lol no the person I made it for wanted it that big for boards to brand and for the toolpaths I wanted to make sure it would be able to get everything milled correct. I just ordered the x axis that is better then my stock rails so I’m hoping to make more soon for my own branding and just experimenting.

All complete and ready to be used.

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Did you weld or braze that bolt on? What rod did you use to weld?

I’ve tested it out already and branded nicely. I ran out of propane to heat it up so that’s why on the picture I’ll post it’s not completely burn in.

I’ve tested it out already and it worked great other then I had problems with my propane torch and running out that I didn’t get the other side hot enough to burn into it.

I had a friend with a tig machine just tack and weld a piece I milled on my x carve with a thread for that size rod.

I had a friend that tig welded it onto the back of the branding iron. The smaller piece I milled and threaded

Yeah but what kind of rod was used to tack it? I was gonna tap and die mine but there isn’t enough room on a 3/4 thick piece for the tap set to grab the meat and create threads…

I’ll have to take a look at my tap that I used. I milled a small piece of brass on my x carve and then tap that. The 1/4 piece I milled for the branding I wasn’t able to tap it because my tap I use it’s the same like yours where you have to go like 3-4 pieces down to start it.

No rod, he just used his tig to melt the two pieces together. The rod for brass I would have to look it up.