Custom car audio rings for speakers

Custom rings for car audio that I’m prototyping and soon to run some models for speaker boxes and consoles.


I do something similar, speaker spacers for stageas, skylines etc


Nice! Going to be making some more complex designs soon like that for older cars/trucks.

Nice! I’m working on a few things too for logos for trunks for cars with a cut out or something for that model that a customer is looking for.

Im buying the V2 x-carve soon for this very purpose, car audio fabrication. I do a good bit of custom panels and trim pieces etc. Hoping this will help get me to the next level.

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Nice! Yeah it’s a nice tool to have for large scale pieces and to cut stuff by hand would be insane if it was more of a shop idea then a one time thing. I’ll be making my x carve longer soon to be able to mill out some longer pieces and more complex designs.

It’s an awesome tool to take your building to the next level. My last build was a 25mm thick 4th order sub enclosure.


nice work on that enclosure.

This is what ive done in my jeep

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And heres a door panel Im trying to finish up… I feel an x-carve would help tremendously on pieces like this

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