Custom car/truck consoles

Soon to be cutting out and fab work to some custom models I designed in fusion 360


I will soon be doing something similar with a 1992 s-10. Using the xcarve to make a custom sub box for 2 12 inch subwoofers and with very limited room the console will also be the tuned bass port for the speaker box.

Nice! I’m also going to make some sub box enclosures and for my Monte Carlo ss I’ll be making some covers for the trunk area. Also on your plasma video I have a few questions. What did you do for grounding and when I got my xcarve it did not have shielded wires. Looking to use my xcarve for plasma cutting art work like metal signs and bumper parts bc I have a 40 Eastwood plasma cutter that can cut up to 3/8 but most I’ll just be using it for small scale stuff. I tried to just run it while the plasma was going and it crashed the computer and was making the motors turn on and off and every which way.

I think the reason it it working for me is plain luck but i think it has to do with the cheap campbell hausfeld plasma cutter. I still do not use any shielding or extra grounding and everything sets within 4 foot of eachother. Have you tried grounding the frame of the xcarve?

Not yet. I was also hoping for luck also but bc the plasma I’m using has a large arc when it starts is making everything haywire. I seen on line about using a grounding rod and then grounding everything from the frame of the xcarve to the metal table I’ll be using and everything else. Also there’s braided wire on eBay that is said to help with RF noise. I’ve seen where they also ground the motors to the frame of the xcarve so mostly anywhere it could stop it from doing a loop and go straight to ground.

My start arc is very short with my low powered system. This is the thing I hate about R.F. everything becomes a antenna. Is your plasma on a seperate circuit with its own ground?

Yeah it just made mine a huge one lol it’s on a different circuit and it can go from 110/220. I still have to ground it somehow like with the grounding rod for everything. I tried to move the plasma away and on the lowest settings and still will mess it up. I think with a grounding rod/braided wire covers and then making sure my laptop is covered with something to cancel out the RF I should be good. I’ve also seen how the usb may need to be changed to a different wire hook up with a controller but I really don’t wanna go thru all that or just build a machine just for plasma but wanting to be able to just use my x carve to switch when I’m not busy with milling wood

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Thanks! I took a look at it and there’s a lot more info then most. Hopefully I can figure something out that can work so I can just test out some stuff I’m working on and then maybe in the future build a much larger and heavy duty machine for whatever.

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Cup holder mock up for different setups


Pockets and cutouts for some mock ups. Some will be milled to have a insert and others will have a 3D printed holder that will be drilled and screwed onto. Soon to mock up shifter plates

Few updates on consoles and a sub box with ported channel


Custom subwoofer box for one 12in and 2 10’s


Is this a zombie thread?

If anyone is looking at it, I’d like to give a long-term car audio guy’s opinions…

Is it good or bad opinions.

I took a break from cnc milling but just got a x carve again.

Nice! I wish I could find pictures of the interior I did on a 93 ranger I owned in high school. I put in a 96 mustang dash, all auto meter gauges and made my own center console after putting in seats from the mustang too. Started with MDF, shaped it a bit, then fiberglassed it to get the final shape. Then paint and leather to finish it.

I did a sub box last summer used the X-carve for internal braces


Looks nice! Soon ill be back to milling and have been setting up my shop for mostly wood working and welding projects.