Custom Defaults

What are the chances of being able to save your own custom default settings? Among the things I would like to be able to save are:

-Feed/speed settings for material (specifically, .024"/64 IPM for MDF)
-Heights of material (specifically, 0.500" for MDF)
-Make “cut outside of line” my default instead of “cut on line” or “fill”
-Start new squares and circles with the lower left corner at (0,0) instead of (1,1)
-Make initial outline cut depths 100% instead of 40%
-Make initial fill cut depths 10% instead of 40%

As you can probably guess, I am doing a lot of work with 1/2" MDF at the moment, and have had plenty of chances to learn (after cutting) that the program wants me to cut on the line…

I’m not much of a programmer, but I imagine it would require having a custom text file that Easel searches for and reads that would automatically override what is loaded from online. Not necessarily a simple thing to do since it would have to update numbers in a variety of areas in the program every time.