Custom engraved gun grips with my new x- carve

I have them on eBay - gumby175 ,any ideas on new designs I could make?


I’m curious about what software you use and how you deal with the curve? Very nice work.

V-carve desktop is all you need , I cut the grip with it ,then project design to curved surface option

Wait What?

V-Carve will map curves onto a 3D surface. So he was able to map the 2D text to the couture of the gun handle model.

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How are you defining the proper curve in Vcarve. Are you using one of the clipart predefined objects?

What if you were able to digitize the curve by mapping the bit touching the original blank before carving? The software could use the X,Y, Z points to extrapolate the curve, then apply the carve to that surface…:sunglasses: It wouldn’t take that many data points…

Scorchworks’ G Code Ripper will do that. In the case of VCarve Pro or Aspire you would need a separate a program that can convert the probe data to a 3d model, then import that to be “mapped” onto.