Custom Gcode post processor


I’m trying to build my own post processor in order to import Gcode generated from slic3r into
Right now I’m simply skpping unsupported commands and I’m not focusing yet on the accuracy of the generated model
G1 (supported by easel) command is supported and seems to be following the reference documentation but easel is still prompting an error message on the import process

Could you please indicate what am I doing wrong?

Error Message

Invalid G-code
Line 6: G1 X-99.884 Y-119.500 E3.69749 F1800.000
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.
Simple postprocessor script

cat $ori |
awk ‘{if (NF>0){print $0}}’ | # removing blank lines
grep -v “^;” | # removing comments
grep -v "^G28 "| # removing “Move to Origin”
grep -v "^M82 "| # removing “Makes the extruder interpret extrusion as absolute positions.”
grep -v "^G92 "| # removing “Set Position”
grep -v "^M106 " > $dest # removing “Fan On”

The problem is with the G1 command. The “E” parameter is for extrusion, which is probably not supported in Easel, since it is 3d printer specific.

– John

Hi John

I got it now
Sorry, I’m a fresher on this topics and had lot of knowledge gaps
I want to create a post processor to transform stl to g-code dialect readable by easel

As long as is for milling purposes i assume that i only need x y and z params , am i right?

Here’s the spec for importing into Easel

That’s correct - no extrusion needed in CNC routing :slight_smile: