Custom Keurig Tray

Made this custom tray today for our Keurig coffee machine. Simple project, but I think it turned out well.

I made an Inventables project page, with a link to the Easel project.


I have to disagree. I think it turned out well.

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It wasn’t obvious that you were doing inlays until I opened the project. A little instruction on the project page might help the beginners.

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Thanks. I plan to add some more content to the project page showing how I made it when I get a chance. Some people also had questions about how I got the tray to fit the machine.

Id be interested in this too. I have a couple ideas that require fitting the cutout into real world object but have no idea how to get the shape/scale correct.

I traced around the part with a pencil, and then I scanned that drawing using a scanner app on my phone. I used an image editing app to fill the shape in with a solid color—this step was needed in order to be able to convert it to a single line outline in Easel—then I imported it using Easel’s image import button. I converted it from a fill to an outline. The dimensions did not come in correctly, so I measured the width of the part using a ruler and entered the width into the shape panel in Easel, with the proportional scaling box checked. It came out the correct size on the first try :slight_smile:

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I’ve taken pics with my iPhone, brought them into Photoshop, edit, then import into Easel. Similar process, works well.

Love the idea! Make a bunch of them and each time you stay at a hotel that happens to have a Keurig you could swap out the tray they have and replace it with yours but with your you could inscribe your shop website into it. Cleaning people will think management put it there and management might never know because they don’t pay attention to tiny details such as this haha