Custom Longboard

Hi All!

I took the Labor Day weekend to crank my machine back up and start a custom longboard project. I took inspiration from @ILikeToMakeStuff build. This project consisted of:

  1. 3D milling the mold
  2. 2D milling the drop through template
  3. Building a custom vacuum bag

The mold is 48" long and the tool paths were created using Fusion360

I have a 1000mmx1000mm Shapeoko 2 so the mold had to be milled in 2 halves

The drop through template was designed in Fusion360 as well

The CNC didn’t help with the vacuum bags but they turned out well nevertheless! This is a cool way to form veneers. I see much potential in these bags.

I’m forming the veneers this week and will post updates of the progress.


Wow! Talk about synchronicity. I just got the 20x70 bag kit from Roarockit this weekend for my birthday. I’ll be making a pintail and drop deck for cruising around Greenlake. Can’t wait to see how yours comes out…:sunglasses:

@MidnightMaker I was tempted to buy the Roarockit bag. They’ve done a great job kitting their boards. Ultimately, I decided to cheap-out and try building a bag. We’ll see if my decision brings regret once the veneers are sealed in.

Update! Longboard is 90% complete. Only one truck cutout remains. All the CNC’ing worked out great. Vacuum bags did an amazing job compressing the maple veneers! I’m super pleased.

Great flex!

Cool shape.


Very cool! Where did you get the veneers and are they just wood, paper-backed or PSA? Roarockit is 3K miles away in another country, so shipping is $$$.

@MidnightMaker - Thanks! The board is 7-layers of maple veneers specifically cut for longboards/skateboards. All maple wood. Veneers came from Marwood Veneers. If you buy 10+, 7-layer sets the cost per set is reasonable. They crated and shipped for ~$25, I think.

Great work!

Did you cut the board using your CNC machine? or only for molds?

hi @KikoLobo - The boards were too long for my 1000x1000 machine, so I cut them by hand. I used the CNC for the molds and for the drop-through truck template cutout.

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lond board template.pdf (354.9 KB)
lond board (1.1 MB)


Thanks… Very useful!

Very nice. When I saw you mention longboard on your vacuum bag thread, I was wondering what part you would use the X-Carve to make, since I was thinking surfboard, not skateboard. I’d love to see pictures of the finished board, and video of you riding it.

Thanks @SauliusMuliolis. I completed two unfinished boards and donated them to my nephew and a young rider needing a longboard. They both were finished by the recipients and turned out great. I don’t ride. I just engineer the fun. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of pics:


It very nice. It is a perfect present!
Is it Double Drop Longboard?
The double drop longboard is ideal for downhill riding and cruising. It has a truck that’s mounted across the deck, on top of which there’s a baseplate. It does not carve sharply but it can turn easily. :slight_smile: