Custom Shaped Material

I want to cut an existing item witch is not flat, which I have CAD for. However Easle only allows a rectangular block for a material. This would result in a bunch of wasted time cutting air. Is there a way to import a material shape or some hacky way around it? I need to machine 100 of these items so the wasted time will add up. Thanks!

If you have a cad drawing just put inside a block and it should only cut what is in the cad drawing.

But easel will assume I am cutting my shape out of a solid block, yes it will only actually cut what I want, but it will try to cut material that doesn’t exist, but is just air. Thus it will waste a lot of time cutting air. How do I tell easel that my material is not being cut out of a block?

I am not sure but i think no matter how you put it into easel it will start thinking it has a flat top and working down from there.

Easel can not create 3D patterns (continous XYZ motion).
Easel can run 3D patterns, when designed in a different software and exported with the appropriate post processor. Vectric/Aspire/Fusion360/MeshCAM etc.

Provide more details of what you have, what you want and we may suggest specific work flows :slight_smile:

Not sure if this would be of any interest to you, but it appears to have the functionality you are looking for: Estlcam