Custom tool holder box design

Started a design to sort different tools and to stack on top of each other so space is saved and if limited makes it easy to get to. Making a prototype right now to see how it will work. Designed engraving in easel and miter sawed the boards to fit together at a 45 degree.


very nice I look forward to seeing how it will all come together and work with the tools!!

Thanks me too!

Going to make smaller versions so I can engrave like screws/nuts/bolts/etc to hold lil amounts of stuff if I’m just working on something small and going to make some shelf for everything to hold them.

I am just not quite sure how its going to work lol?

what are you going to do for a bottom are these just like little boxes?

Thick sheeting for small parts that don’t have much weight to them and then more heavy pieces like tools I’ll nail and glue thin boards on the bottom. Then cnc mill some handles for the sides and predrill and screw the handles in place. Then be able to carry and stack the boxes if not in use but still working on some holders maybe to even make like cabinets like the small ones that hold small nails/screws that people normally have in there garage.

oh nice yeah that works!! gotta post those pics!!

I will once I get this prototype done and then have a few models up.

going to be adding a bottom and painting the engraving

Glued a bottom up just for a mock up and cut some scrap boards to make spaces to have other tools or like screws/bolts/etc to sort and store things.