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Custom upgraded spindle + supporting components?

Hey all,

Has anyone experimented with modifying the machine with a more powerful spindle, and perhaps fortifying the enclosure for additional rigidity?

I’m going to be tearing it down to identify some options for upgrades as I love the machine and enclosure but I’m milling more aluminum and want to increase speed. Beats converting my little machine shop mill to CNC…and the Carvey is just so darn pretty.


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Are you planning on replacing the controller? I think you’d need to for any decent upgrades.
If you do that, I’d look at upgrading the steppers as well. I tend to run the spindle at full speed anyway, so I wouldn’t mind losing the speed control and just go with a simple relay on/off on an upgraded one. i think you could get a 500W spindle that would fit the stock mount.


Ahh nice, good idea. I’m open to replacing anything necessary other than the enclosure! I haven’t built a CNC before so I’m sure I’ll learn (read: fail) a lot. Was guessing it would be spindle, controller, waste board, and potentially power supply.

Are there specific spindles/brands that are suggested generally for heavier duty milling? Since I’ll need to be cognizant of height restrictions, but width not so much, or suggested guides to get into for high quality components/designs?