Custom "X-Carve is running a job" indicator?

Is there a way to get a running status from the Arduino or stepper controller?
I would like to have a status showing on my LCD screen, on my custom X-controller, that the XC is currently running a job or is idle?
Could monitoring the A0-A2 pins do the trick or is it another pin or solution that will give current state of the XC?

Yes, that would have been nice.
More RAM for more code is a good thing :smile:

I can usually tell when my machine is running, the sound is a dead give-away. :smile:


Ohh, with my Makita running there is no noise at all :smile:

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Instead of modifying your current Uno how about hooking a second Arduino up to it to leach information?

You’d need a second board anyway to drive an LCD, LEDS etc. And this way it’s become a standalone “Status” system that would derisk you from problems with your main carving system.

Not sure what you could leach off the main Uno but I’d be looking at getting in via the Rx/Tx pins as a starter or maybe via the Ftdi system. Or if you only need basic status, just piggyback on the pins already being used for spindle PWM, stepper pins etc.



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@IanWatkins, that is exactly what I’m doing. :smile:

I have a Arduino Mini Pro running a temp probe and a LCD.
This Arduino is getting power from a downstepper connected to the 24VDC.
It would have been cool to get som info out of the UNO running the CNC to show on the LCD.

Reprogramming the UNO is a no go. I have not started carving and I will not mess up the main board at the moment :smile: