Custom X-Carve Size

Hi all. Is it possible to “have” a X-Carve which is 750mm(X)x1000mm(Y)? And if so, how would one configure this into the Easel setup, since the choices are only 500x500, 750x750 and 1000x1000?

Still, which size would one enter into the Easel Setup?

Either one. That entry will only set the GRBL max travel for each axis which you can then modify but then again the max travel only comes into play if soft limits are enabled which is something Easel doesn’t do.

There is no limitation in size from Easel point of view.
If you have homing & soft limits enabled then Easel just use preset values based on machine size, but these values can easily be adjusted manually to custom sizes like @BobJewell specify.