Customize and Affirm

So question for everyone

What if I am in the market for a 1000mm x-carve but

I dont need the z-axis
mdf waste board
mdf side board (but I need the extrusion)

and I want to take advantage of the affirm financing

basically what I am getting it is how do we customize our machine and still finance?


yeah thats what I am saying some components you can turn on and off but I have always be under the impression the inventables will customize that any way that you would like but how do you do that with the Affirm deal

I know for example like Grizzly tools has affirm and even though I live about 3 miles from there warehouse and showroom they still do not let you go pick up the machine from the store when you do Affirm you have to have it shipped to you and pay the full shipping charge

seems like the affirm option limits you

yeah I was meaning the new financing option that inventables has

just go online to inventables shop parts. Look for the parts ur looking for put them in cart too see how much total they will be. Nows the fun part Affirm is awesome just go to there website they don’t do a hard credit check but they’ll need your information. On there website click buy with affirm tab scroll close to the bottom too the calculator type in the price too see how much ur payments will be for 6 to12 months. If you like the payment amount they’ll give you an online credit card the information will be sent too ur email. You can buy anything u like online it’s awesome. And checking ur credit with them don’t effect ur credit in anyway unless u make a late payment

you know I am really really sketched out by affirm as everytime I go through the process they want my online banking info like user and password and I dont see why I need to give them that

its not the typical way of doing a soft or hard credit check

anyone else have this experience?