Customize shelf pin holes and front/back panel extension

I’m in the process of creating a bathroom cabinet. It has a relatively shallow depth due to the location of install. I ran into couple of issue.

1.) I can’t seem to adjust/customize the spacing of the shelves pin holes. The preset had set the holes a bit too close and the shelves won’t able to balance on the pins. Is there a way to adjust the distances between holes? *I have selected adjustable shelving and full run in the setting.

2.) I wanted to make a flat door without any expose handle. I would like to extend the door a bit to open the doors of the cabinets. Can’t seems to do this as well.

3.) I wanted the cabinet to have expose shelves at the bottom. I can’t seems to extend the side and back panels.

Any insight on how to achieve these customizations? Many thanks in advance.

Your best bet for #2 and #3 is to export the project to Easel, and modify the cabinet pieces there. I’ve modified many of the cabinets I’ve made so far.

To export the project, you generate a CNC cut list in the manufacture tab. Then there’s a small export icon when you hover over the cut list name, and it sends the pieces over to Easel as a normal project.

Then you can select the parts you want to modify, ungroup them, and change the size of the pieces (i.e., you can make the outside shape longer to make your door, sides, or back panels longer).

I think I understand what you want for #1, and if it’s just to push the pin holes in or out, you can do this in the same way, by selecting the pin holes and moving them along the X axis.

Thank you for the feedback Phil.

For the pin holes, I want to spread them further apart. The default setting is too close to balance the shelves.

I should’ve shared my job for better perspective.

OK, that’s what I thought. You can definitely just move the shelf pin holes inside Easel the same way.

Just make sure you don’t move the door hinge holes (if you have them enabled), since those should stay in the same place.

Thank you so much for the pointers, Phil. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback @Andrew5. I want to make sure I understand your second point.

You mean still using an overlay door but one that overhangs the edges of the cabinet box? Something like this (viewed from the back w/ an exaggerated overhang)

Something like this.

@Andrew5 You could try laying out the general cabinet components that you want in Easel Cabinetmaker, and then exporting the cut list to Easel to make additional customizations. I might go about this by generating cabinets similar to the ones shown below.

I made a second cabinet to get the doors, but you could also create the doors on the first cabinet and then shorten them to size once exported to Easel. You could extend the depth of the lower shelf (shown with red arrow) so it is flush with the rest of the box panels around the inset doors - or even just take the bottom panel from the cabinet to the right. You can also shorten the back panel to have the exposed style on the shelf section below the doors. Lastly, you could extend the shapes of the side panels to extend further below the cabinet and add design flourishes.

At the moment it’ll require some extra tweaks in Easel once you’ve created the cabinets and exported the cut lists. We’ll keep you updated as we work on further cabinet customization and configuration options so you can achieve these results directly in Easel Cabinetmaker. Thank you for the feedback!