Customizing the material shape in preview

Hi there, I would like to use some oval pieces of wood to carve on. Is there a way to change the flat looking material to oval?

Well, you really do not need that for the preview of a face-only carve. You can figure out the size of the ellipse and make one like the one in the example below if you just want to see how it looks. Just make an ellipse with Zero depth, make a copy of it as an outside outline cut, make your design, and center everything together. Then make a large rectangle (or square) that is larger than your defined stock in Easel, make it full depth, send it to the back of the Z-Order, and then move it such that it covers the entire stock area. It should look something like the project below.

Just note that if you are using the V-Carve functionality for the face design then the edge will show and a bevel to full depth at the angle of the V-Bit chosen. Easel always puts the outlines on the detail bit when two-stage carving and shows it as a bevel when just using a V-Bit. If you do carve an outline of something with a V-Bit you will not get this bevel though. You would get a straight plunge down and then angle outward from the outline matching the V-Bit at its maximum height. Just a side note or two…


Brandon Parker